At QTC we believe that anyone can be successful and everyone was designed to succeed. But how is it that some people succeed and others do not. The answer is in their mindset.

What is Success?

  • Success is achieving planned goals; doing what you were created to do; exploiting your potential
  • Success is planned
  • Success is deliberate
  • Success is a journey and not an event

What is Failure?

  • Failure is not doing what you were created to do; not exploiting your potential
  • Failure is planned – when you fail to plan, you plan to fail
  • Failure is not an accident
  • Failure is a journey and not an event

Lessons from Successful People

  • Set goals that are achievable
  • Do not settle until you achieve what you desire
  • Be determined to achieve your goals no matter what
  • Identify obstacles that stand in the way of achieving your goals
  • Get rid of the obstacles
  • Do not lose focus – concentrate on what you are doing
  • Be yourself – learn to say NO to activities and relationships that do not add value to you
  • Succeed and help others succeed


The difference between the successful person and a failure is the attitude. Unless you believe something it will not be manifested in the physical. Success and failure begins in the mind before it is manifested in reality. If you believe you will succeed, then you will and the reverse is also true. Why? Because what the mind believes, it pushes the body to do .

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