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Organization / Business Corner

Whilst businesses are created to provide goods and services; there are many occasions when they are unable to do this effectively and efficiently. This is usually because of underlying issues that require the support of an external party to resolve. At QTC we recognise the importance of business enterprises spending most of their time pursuing their vision and so we help them do this by offering the external eye that helps them identify their problems and recommend practical solutions. As an Organisation or Business, you may be facing certain challenges but are unable to find solutions or have no idea how to handle them. Research has shown that there are signals that a Business should look out for and identify as an indication of a need for an external expertise or Consultant. Some of the signals are listed herein but you need to understand that the list is inexhaustive. These signals are

  • Lack of a Written Business Plan
  • Apathy and Low Morale
  • Unexplained increase in Costs
  • Consistent Loss of Cash
  • Persistent delays in Product deliveries
  • Loss of Market Share
  • Overworked Employees
  • Excessive repeat jobs and failure to meet objectives
  • Constant supply shortages
  • Ignorance on Market trends and Competition

As an organisation and/or business enterprise, you need to be alert and look out for ANY of these signals. If you notice any of them, you can be rest assured that at Q-Train Consulting, it is our duty and responsibility to ensure that we help you deal with these signals and enable you attain your objectives.

In relation to the above, at Q-Train Consulting, we offer advisory services and training in  the following:

  1. Ethics Management
  2. Governance
  3. Leadership
  4. Corruption Risk Assessment
  5. Corruption Perception Survey
  6. Code of Conduct
  7. Integrity – Employees’ Sensitisation and Development of Integrity Policies
  8. Compliance
  9. Strategic Management
  10. Management
  11. Self-Management
  12. Transformation

These will be enabled through mutual relationships with clients that are based on both corporate and one-on-one interactions. The training and consulting sessions and projects are carefully conducted to ensure they are not only of very high quality, comfortable, informative but are tailored to the client’s needs. This will enable individuals have a greater appreciation of their potential at personal and group level and trigger exploitation of the potential.